Aubrey (the_maha) wrote in harajuka_girls,

Or Something French Like That

BoA - ID Peace B (Ends January 28th)
- Definately a song to dance to! I think this one is a song with a music video, so play it in MediaPlayer. This girl is soo cute and she's quite the singer!

Little By Little - Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni (Ends January 29th)
- High-pitched voice and fast lyrics! I LOVE this song! As one of the openings of the anime Naruto, you know it's got to be good!

Naruto - Harumonia (Ends January 29th)
- Another Naruto song! Not much of a description needed, all Naruto songs are great! ^.^

Cowboy Bebop - We Qui Non Coin (Ends January 29th)
- Another song from Cowboy Bebop. Wo Qui Non Coin is really cute, it starts out in Japanese but it slowly goes into french. It's pretty much a song about a girl who lost her dog.

Nazca - Faust (Ends January 29th)
- German techno opera! Need I say more?
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