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Tsuji Nozomi

Mini Moni- Crazy About You
The beginning of this song is kind of cheesie when she is saying all of this stuff like "I thought our love was true" but the overall song is cool, maybe too wannabe-hip-hop, but if it wasn't good, why would I post it?
W- Getsuei no Napoli
How do I describe this song??? Fun! And by my favorite band... W! Yay! Download for a funtime and a worn-out person by the end...
Tsuji Nozomi- Non Stop
As you might've noticed, the theme of this post is "Tsuji Nozomi" (she is part of Mini Moni and W as well).
Anyways, I used to think this song was boring but now I'm in love with it! It is peppy and mellow at the same time... I didn't think that was possible. But it is kinda anoying when throughout the song she keeps on going "heheheheheheheheh" but the song is really cute nevertheless.

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