Ashley (kiwi_mellon2003) wrote in harajuka_girls,

Tanpopo- Be Happy
Awww! This song is so sweet! I love the cute little rap thing they do at the beginning. I love all of it! The download zombie will get you if you don't download. Ok not really. Do what you want.

Puffy Amiyumi- Shiawase
Why is this song called Happiness when it is so mellow and sad? Well, it doesn't matter what you call it, it is a very nice song. Off of Puffy's album Nice. tehe.

W- Samishii Nettaigyo
Dance time! Party time! W time! Yay! My favorite people in action! Hiya. *stops now* Reminds me of something 80's. Cant put a name on it.

Maha, my Strawberry Pie cd is skipping. I tried to rub alcohol on it but it must be a pretty deep scratch. I will try to find it on the internet or something and post it ASAP.
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