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I jazzed up the layout a bit and made an icon. I'm really impressed at how nicely the icon came out, actually :D I dig it.

Anyway, on to the music that you're all here for:

BoA - Every Heart (Ends March 19th)
Very, very nice song. This one is a video, so use Media Player! BoA is one of my favorite J-pop artists. If you like Ayumi Hamasaki or Aya Matsura, you'll like this girl.

Naruto - Ryuusei (Ends March 19th)
Ryuusei is a song you just have to listen to lots and lots of times, and that's all I have to say :D It's just great!

Boa - Jewel (Ends March 19th)
This one is also a video. It's a sad song with lots of feeling- Seing a cute Japanese girl cry just makes you feel all soggy inside ;_;

Cosmic Dare [Pretty With A Pistol] (Ends March 19th)
This song is great! It's in english, and it's from Stairway To Heaven, the Cowboy Bebop movie. Still sitting pretty with a pistol in hand! Living to love you will you be my man! *Boogies down*

Card Captor Sakura - Catch You Catch Me (Ends March 19th)
This song is ADORABLE! I dance to this song until I can dance no further! Hora catch you catch you catch me catch me matte!

Azumanga Daioh - Soramimi Cake (Ends March 18th)
Aah! This song is even more adorable than Catch You Catch Me! Cake for you! Tea for you! My boyfriend loves this song o_o He also loves the anime, and feels like a nerd because of it! *Snicker*

Perfume (Ends March 18th)
It's fast, cute, techno-like :D If you like Mini Moni, you'll like this one!

Sincerely EverDream (Ends March 16th)
Ah yes :D Techno and pop. Such a wonderful combination.

Four Seasons (Ends March 16th)
Another one of those "IF YOU LIKE BLAH YOU'LL LIKE BLAH" Well, if you like SAKURA DROPS you'll definately like this one!

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! And look! After uploading all of these songs and spiffing up the layout, it's six thirty in the morning!
You all better download these! *Waves a finger* I mean it! :D Or I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish!
Not really, you know I love you -.^
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I grabbed the CCS one! :D
Thank you...I grabbed "Every Heart", "Perfume" and "Sincerely EverDream"
Not grabbing, though I have several things to note/ask:

01. BoA Kwon is actually Korean. Not Japanese. ^^;;
02. Perfume is an artist. What's the song title?
03. "Sincerely ~Ever Dream~" is sung by the avex J-Pop group dream.
04. Amuro Namie sings the song "Four Seasons". Assuming that the one you've uploaded is not actually titled "Shiki".
Well, Boa sings in Japanese too so you can technically call her a J-pop singer. But her Japanese is so bad... :\
01: Okay
02: I don't know what the song title is, wherever I downloaded it from didn't give a name.
03: Okay
04: I don't understand what you mean by "Assuming that the one you've uploaded is not actually titled "Shiki" ".

I just deliver the music, mistakes and all. The origin doesn't really interest me. If you would like to continue to correct me then do so, I don't mind. You may be helping the others where I have failed to.
I didn't download any of them because I've listened to most of them but I will agree with you about Ryuusei.. it's evilly addictive, X_x
It is o.o
Four Seasons is one of my fave songs ever. Dled everything but that and Ryuusei. Thanks!

Loving the layout cuz it works better with Firefox this time around. :D
*Nod* Enjoy!