liquidgrass (liquidgrass) wrote in harajuka_girls,

Hello, long time, no see. I changed my name from kiwi_mellon2003 to liquidgrass so I could post here (long story). Anyway, here are some songs!
Puffy Amiyumi- Friends Forever
This was a request. Probably the most well-known Puffy song of all time. One of the best, also. This is in English.
Goto Maki- Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON
My favorite Maki song ever! Excelente! Very dancey and upbeat! I would definatly not think twice about downloading this one (unless you already have it). Theres a little rap part, too. Break it down.
Viyudden- Ichou ~Aki no Sora to
I hope that this is the name of this song. I am almost positive it is. This song has an awesome beat to it. Nice keyboards. Great vocals. Excelent drums. I love it when this song speeds up for the bridge and chorus.
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