liquidgrass (liquidgrass) wrote in harajuka_girls,

Mari Yaguchi- Marine Sports
Mari is gone!!! ;_; So I posted this song in her rememberance. Its a country song, but a cute country song indeed! I love it when she goes "Ya hoo!" and "Ha ha!". Adorable. Download if you love Morning Musume.
Goto Maki- Yaruki! Its easy
This is the ultimate dance song. I listened to it today over and over again while I cleaned my room. It just makes me so happy. I like the "tenderness" and "kind-a-ness" parts. They make my day (X^_^)
Puffy Amiyumi- Planet Tokyo
My favorite Puffy Amiyumi song! So upbeat! I love the little dingalingalinglinglingling part at the beginning! It is rock and their voices go perfectly with the song! *In english* If you dont have this song and you dont download it, shame on you.

sorry about my strange and vague explinations...

Maha, I cant find my Gwen Stefani cd, but when I do, I can just let you borrow it.
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