Aubrey (the_maha) wrote in harajuka_girls,

We Are Stardust

Cowboy Bebop - Blue (Ends January 23rd)
- My second oldest brother, Ian, listened to this song non-stop when he broke up with his girlfriend who is actually now his fiance o.o Nevertheless, it's a great song and this woman has quite the powerful voice.

.hack//SIGN - Obsession (Ends January 28th)
- All of Yuki Kajiura's songs are a bit of techno and opera. She was raised in Germany so a few of her songs are in german, "Das Wandern" being one of my favorites. "Obsession" is very upbeat and I always have to listen to it tons of times ^.^' Great stuff!

Emi Hinouchi - Crying (Ends January 28th)
- "Crying" is your all-around sad song, but it somehow still makes me want to dance.. hm.. Quite the interesting combination, no?
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