Ashley (kiwi_mellon2003) wrote in harajuka_girls,

Mini Theme 1 ~PIE~

Mini Moni- Strawberry Pie

Genre- hoppity pop
Rating- 5/5

If you don't like cute little songs that change halfway through and repeat themselves a lot, I can see why you might think this song is annoying. But if you love Hello! Project (then you probably have this song already) an everything else kawaii, I can see why you might love this song! The only thing I dont understand is why they switch Strawberry with Apple in the middle of the song... then go back to Strawberry...
Country Musume- Honey Pie

Genre- Dance probably
Rating- 4/5

Despite the name of the group, this song is definatly not country. I would say it is more dance. I love it when that guy goes "WOO!". It makes the song a lot more interesting. Not that it isn't interesting to begin with...


ZYX- Gatamekira

Genre- pop?
Rating- 4/5

Oh wow! This is probably my favorite Hello! Project Kids song yet. It is definatly the least annoying (not that any of them are extremely annoying). Some of you are probably all like "Ew. I'm not downloading no kiddie songs..." but they sound almost exactly like Mini Moni and Morning Musume. Well, the people in this group are not all kids. Mari is in here but her voice blends in with the children's.
Berryz Koubou- Berry Fields

Genre- Dance?
Rating- 5/5

Berryz Koubou is my ultimate favorite H!P Kids group and this song definatly proves they have a lot of talent. Okay I change my mind, this song is the least annoying. The only thing I don't like is that guy who sings with them when they say "Very nice berry fields (their so hottie?)..." or something like that.
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